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English author, television host and noted beer personality Michael Jackson died yesterday at the age of 65. His first book, The World Guide To Beer, was published in 1977 and is still considered to be essential reading for anyone with more than a passing interest in great beer.

In the 30 years since first gaining notoriety he released other popular books including the Great Beer Guide and Ultimate Beer. Jackson’s base of beer enthusiast fans grew with the each subsequent book release and the broadcasting of his television series, The Beer Hunter, solidifying his reputation as the world’s foremost microbrew ambassador.

On top of all that, it turns out he was also a genuinely nice guy. Check out this story from Dave, KegWorks’ founder, resident beer nerd, and a member of Jackson’s “Rare Beer Club” –

“I met him for the first time at The Great American Beer Festival in Denver many years ago. We spotted him walking down the street late one night and called out to him. He came over to us and we started talking for a few minutes. He then sat down on a bench and we talked about all sorts of things for over 30 minutes. He was incredibly friendly and down to earth. He did say that the GABF was (at the time) his favorite beer festival and was amazed at what some of the American brewers were making. I never forgot that night.”

He was also considered to be an authority on Scotch whiskey, writing many tomes dedicated to the spirit.

This Labor Day weekend, pour yourself a pint of your favorite microbrew and raise it in toast to Michael Jackson, a legend in the beer world, kindred spirit to KegWorks, and lover of great brews.

For more information on Michael Jackson and his work, check out this page.


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