Miller Boombox

Miller Boombox

We’re well aware of the fact that, in three of the last four days, we’ve posted about cheap, out-of-the-box advertising from a macrobrewery. We already know what a lot of you will say: “This is just another attempt by a crappy company to sell their beer. You don’t need crazy advertising efforts if your beer actually tastes good.”

While I agree with that sentiment, I also think this thing is pretty freaking neat. Being a marketer, I must also say I’m impressed with the idea itself. Not only is it retro, hip, and perfect for the summer, it’s also a great way to get consumers to buy more beer and that’s their ultimate goal. Nobody’s going to purchase just one 6-pack, they’re going to want the whole set. Another pro – a lot of people will probably want to leave one for a party decoration, so they’ll need to buy a few more to actually drink.

There is one major design flaw, however. You can’t pick the boom box up as one unit. Maybe it should have been made as a condensed 18-pack, because with the way it is now, I can’t prop that thing up on my shoulder and showcase my sculpted beach muscles. I’ll be using both hands to carry these three separate boxes. How am I supposed to carry my Kan Jam, bra?

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