MillerCoors Partners With Drizly for Free Home Delivery of Miller Lite

Who wants to go out to get beer when its like this outside?

It’s cold. It’s late. And you’re out of beer.

Nightmare, right?

Not anymore.

MillerCoors has just announced a new delivery system that will allow consumers to get Miller Lite delivered right to their doorstep…for free.


This revolutionary service is the result of MillerCoors’ partnership with Drizly, a startup that has been offering delivery of beer, wine, and liquor to eleven metro areas (Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Denver, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, and Vail) for a little over a year. Drizly’s collection of available beer and spirits is really pretty damn impressive and if you live in one of those aforementioned metros, I urge you to check them out. But until now, you’ve always had to pay for the convenience of delivery. Enter MillerCoors.

Sensing an opportunity to seize a competitive advantage, MillerCoors has decided to partner with Drizly in four cities (Seattle, Boston, New York, and Washington DC) in order to offer free shipping on 12- and 24-packs of the original lite beer.

Personally, I think this is a smart move by MillerCoors. By covering the delivery charge they are incentivizing customers to choose their brew over the plethora of competitors offered by Drizly. And of course it’s a win for the startup as well because all of a sudden they have the marketing clout of a major international brand touting their service.

It will be interesting to monitor the success of this arrangement and Drizly’s growth trajectory. If you’ve ever used the service, or intend to start using it to take advantage of free Miller Lite delivery, we want to hear from you! Did it work as promised? Will you use it again? Let us know in the comments!


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