Minibar: The New Must-Have App for Cocktail Enthusiasts

Want to be a better mixologist but don’t know where to start? Thank your lucky stars that you live in 2013.

Why? Because in 2013, apps exist. And apps help you get stuff done. Stuff like mixing up a whole world of premium cocktails that had previously been beyond the scope of your knowledge and/or ability.

Minibar, the latest app effort from Danish development team Shape, is like having the brain of a bartending robot from the future in your pocket. But somehow even better.


Need some inspiration? Some direction? Some guidance? Minibar has you covered. Browse the robust drinks database (organized by categories like “Classic,” “Shooters,” “Short Drinks,” and more) to discover tasty recipes and trivia tidbits about your favorite drinks. Low on cash but have a few staples in your liquor cabinet? Just tell Minibar what ingredients you have on hand and it will tell you all the possible drinks you can make.

There’s also a Guides section that gives you advice and input on everything from proper garnishes to toasts around the world.

Really, if you’re an amatuer with any level of interest in cocktails, this app is a must-have. It’s $3 you’ll be happy you spent. Go get it and get to mixing up something special.

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