Mint Julep Madness!

Julep Cup in Stainless SteelThe Kentucky Derby is coming! Saturday, May 3rd is the big day this year and we’ve got great julep cups to get you ready for the race. As anyone from Kentucky will tell you, “It ain’t Derby without a mint julep.”

Although the race is what’s made mint juleps famous, the drink did exist before the Derby. It is speculated that mint juleps were first served in the early 1700s in Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina. The early versions weren’t made of bourbon though, they used rum or rye whiskey. (Kentucky bourbon wasn’t commonly distributed until later in the 19th century).

Derby weekend at Churchill Downs, julep slingers sell more than 120,000 of the minty mixed drink. That’s more than 10,000 bottles of bourbon, 1,000 pounds of fresh mint and 60,000 pounds of ice – all to celebrate a race that lasts less than two minutes.

Mint JulepThrow a Kentucky Derby day bash and make your own Mint Juleps!

Mint Julep

10-ounce julep cup filled with crushed ice
4 fresh mint leaves
2 tablespoons mint simple syrup (recipe below)
2 oz Kentucky Bourbon
1 small cocktail straw to stir drink

Place 2 tablespoons of mint simple syrup and four mint leaves into your julep cup. Press the mint leaves into the glass using the back of a spoon to release the flavor. Add 2-ounces Kentucky Bourbon and 2 tablespoons of the mint simple syrup to the glass.

Mint Simple Syrup

2 cups water
2 cups sugar
8 sprigs of fresh mint

Add sugar to boiling water. Continue to boil for about five minutes, or until sugar dissolves; do not stir. Place 8 sprigs of mint in an airtight, plastic container, and pour the sugar-water mixture over the mint. Refrigerate.

Our stainless steel julep cups will keep your Derby drinks nice and frosty, you can bet on that.


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