Mississippi Mudds 5K Run and After Party

Saturday, August 15th I ran a local race in Tonawanda; the Mississippi Mudds 5K Run. This race is a blast every year. The after party is one of the best parts of this big event consisting of live music, food and beer, which I look forward to every summer.

Mississippi Mudds 5K Race 2009

I can’t imagine how much planning and preparation time must go into events of this magnitude. There were nearly 800 participants in the run/walk. After the race, they served food, wine and of course, beer. They always serve hot dogs, hamburgers, salad, pasta and dessert. I always pack my plate to satisfy my big appetite after I race. I get annoyed when my pasta or salad dressing soaks the hotdog bun on my plate, as I juggle my plate in one hand and my drink in the other. I was thinking to myself Saturday, Go-Plates would be perfect at an event like this or even for small house parties. Go-Plates are nice because they have dividers for food, plus the plastic tray fits right over your beverage and they’re reusable.

I also had a glass of sangria with my food and then a beer later during awards. There was a crowd by the beer truck the entire evening. A nice cold beer on a hot summer day always hits the spot. I noticed they were serving draft beer from a truck rather than giving out canned or bottled beer, which is a huge money saver and it tastes better.

Overall this event was a lot of fun. If you’re throwing an outdoor party for Labor Day check our outdoor party supplies – events big and small can benefit from our wares.



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