O Canada, You Love Your Beer

I’m a big fan of Canada. I have many friends there and I visit often (living in a border town makes it all too easy!) Whether I’m walking the packed streets of Toronto or exploring Old Montreal’s cobblestone district, I love the friendly people, the incredible character of each individual city, and all of the incredible beer!

I had a friend come to visit me in college and I was shocked to hear that she’d never enjoyed a drink with our neighbors to the North. We crossed the border (where the legal drinking age is conveniently two years lower than ours) and embarked on an evening of fine Canadian barhopping. Towards the end of the night, it had started to snow. We emerged from the final establishment on our tour, to find a gentleman wearing one of those furry earflap hats, drinking a beer, and cleaning off his car with a hockey stick. If only a moose and a beaver had wandered by…

The point of my little story is to remind everyone that Canadians have a series of stereotypes associated with their country; and one of the most prominent labels identifies them as true beer people.

They’re doing their part to live up that. According to a survey released yesterday on alcohol purchasing habits across their great nation, Canadians purchased $18.8 billion worth of alcoholic beverages in 2007-2008, a 4.3% increase compared to the previous year. Beer remained the top adult beverage choice for Canadians, capturing 46% of the alcohol sales market. It is still “by far the most popular alcoholic beverage in terms of both volume and dollar value,” says the federal reporting agency Statistics Canada.

More Interesting Canadian Consumption Facts:

  • Canadians drank 2.3 billion liters of beer during this period, with the sale of imported ales spiking to 7.2%
  • In 2008, wine accounted for 29% of Canadian alcohol sales (up from 18%)
  • Spirits made up 25% of sales (dropping from 29%)
  • Sales of red wine accounted for 62% of the total volume of wine sold, and the sales of red wine has more than doubled since 2000

Note: Statistics on sales of alcoholic beverages by volume should not be equated with data on consumption, Statistics Canada says. Sales volumes include only sales by liquor authorities and their agents, and sales by wineries and breweries.

I wish the whole world shared Canada’s passion for beer. I know that we do here at KegWorks! We take every possible measure to make it easy for Canadians to use our site. It’s easy to shop – just click the Canadian Customers icon at the top of the page and all of the prices, duties and charges switch to Canadian Dollars. Shipping is also fast and easy thanks to our partnership with Canada Post and, for those in Ontario, it’s easy to stop by to pick up your order! We’re just 10 minutes from the Peace Bridge. More questions about Canadian orders? Click here.

For clarification on additional Canadian stereotypes, check out this cleverly executed Molson commercial:

Here’s to good beer, good hockey, and all of Canada. Cheers!


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  • Hannah April 22, 2009 @ 11:05am

    Nice post, Liz. Love that commercial, too 🙂

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