Molson Beer Fridge Opens Only for Canadian Passports

Molson Canadian Passport Beer Fridge prexamples

With the 4th of July now fading into memory, we’re all back at work, away from the beach, tied to a cubicle, an office, or a spot at the factory, and naturally, we’ve reverted back to our selfish states of mind. Work work work work work, short weekend, repeat. This vicious cycle seems to go on almost endlessly until one day, we die.

I apologize for the glass-half-empty intro here. I had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning, and my day’s been quite drab ever since. But things did look up when I stumbled upon this new campaign for Molson Canadian. As I was surfing the net, half looking for a blog post, half researching how to properly tie a noose, I happened upon this article from AdverBlog about the Molson Canadian Beer Fridge.

It’s a big, beautiful, deep red beer fridge with the Molson Canadian leaf logo shining bright white in in the center and a message that reads, “Canadians, Scan Your Passport to Open the Fridge.” Only a Canadian passport unlocks this chest of sweet Canadian nectar.

Check it out:

After watching this video and writing the post, I’ve come out of my own head (which was a horrible place to be), and now I’m thinking of how badly I want to be Canadian. Not only do they have cops with crazy hats, Celine Dion, and awesome accents, but now they can open a beautiful beer fridge with the simple scan of their passport. It’s still not the best state of mind, but better than where I was.

Watch the making of the beer fridge below:

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