Molten Lava and Your Grill

Hopefully you have been grilling this summer at least as much as I have. During the summer it’s my turn to cook, most of the time. Outside. Fire roaring. Giant sharp pointy objects to stab and turn meat and vegetables to roast to their impending doom …errrr, cooked to perfection. It’s a great time to enjoy the fresh air, provide for my family and have a beer from time to time.

I know some of you guys claim to leave on a bit of the last BBQ for “flavor,” but come on. We all know. Without the right tool, it’s a pain to clean the grill. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll “pre-heat” the grill to loosen up what’s left, but in the end I have a pumice brick to easily take off the excess… whatever it was… left on the grill.

Pumice to Clean Your Grill

Pumice is from volcanoes, lava to be specific, and if there isn’t a tougher force in nature made to specifically clean my grill, I don’t want it. I frequently use Lava soap when I work on projects outside and it’s taken pretty much everything off my hands including roofing tar, so I have a lot of confidence in molten lava, cooling to a rough pumice stone, to be able to make cleaning my grill grates easier.

So give up the excuse of extra flavor and just get one of these. Make it easier on yourself and the meal you are cooking might even taste the way you planned it in the first place.


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