Mommy, where do tap handles come from?

It seems there is some confusion about the origin of branded tap handles. First, let me explain to you what a tap handle is. Beer is usually distributed from a faucet on a shank or a tower. Stork with Tap HandleBeer is released by pulling the top of the faucet towards you as you pour. You then push it back to stop the flow. At the top of a faucet, there is a threaded piece where you can change the handle on the faucet. The main reason for this is to advertise or display the beer on tap.

We sell two main types of tap handles. The first type is generic. This means they do not have any company logos or names on them. They include novelty tap handles, with everything from a beach babe to a wild boar. My personal favorite is the Skinny Boy Aluminum Beer Tap Handle. The second main type is branded. They come from beer distributors directly. These handles are promotional items given to bars and restaurants that use that particular brand of beer. As these are not sold, they are sometimes hard to find, and always in used condition. Even if they are never used on a faucet they are still considered used because they are never packaged or intended for retail sale. Unfortunately, storks do not fly over and drop them off in our favorite bars. I hope that clears up some confusion.

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