More Great Drink Related iPhone Apps

Here at KegWorks we are fortunate enough to celebrate a time of the day called beer o’clock. So guess what? There’s an app for that! Kegworks employees that are cool enough to have an iPhone can now count down to beer o’clock in style with the beer o’clock app. Simply put: this app keeps time and counts down to your next beer o’clock "occasion." So get this application, set your own beer o’clock timer, and enjoy the refreshing photos of delicious beers around the world. The Beer o’Clock app:

Beer o Clock iPhone App

Shake, shake, shake, shake a drink. Ever wanted to know all the possible flavor combinations with your favorite adult beverage of choice? Once again, there’s an app for that. Shake a Drink:

Shake a Drink iPhone App

We have all seen a million charts and graphs of recommendations for pairing wine with food. I have never really come across a chart that perfectly matches beer types with your food choices. Well, there’s an app for that. Beer Match:

Beer Match iPhone App

These and other great apps are available at the iTunes application store.


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