Mother’s Day is More than Just Gift Giving

Mother’s day is right around the corner – May 8th – and as everyone scrambles to find Mom that perfect gift don’t forget to think about the real reason we celebrate Mother’s Day.

The roots of Mother’s Day go back to the ancient festivals dedicated to mother goddess. In the ancient Greek empire, Rhea, the wife of Cronus, and mother of the Gods and Goddesses, was worshipped and honored at this time every year in a spring celebration. In Rome too, Cybele, a mother Goddess, was worshipped, as early as 250 BC. It was known as Hilaria, and it lasted for three days, called the Ides of March, that is from March 15 to March 18. In more recent times, during the 1600s, England observed “Mothering Sunday”, or the “Mid-Lent-Sunday, on the fourth Sunday in Lent. It was quite identical to the modern-day celebrations.

You can get the full history behind Mother’s Day here, here, and here, but that is not really what I mean by thinking about the real reason we celebrate Mother’s Day.

So what do I mean? I mean we should take the time to thank our moms for the small things they have done for us all our life. Washing our clothes, driving us to practice, cutting the crust off our PB&J’s, making our skinned knees better with a kiss. All those things they have done for us our whole lives.

Giving Mom a gift is a great way to show her appreciation for everything she has done, but to make the day special for her tell her how much you appreciated that time when you were 11 years old and she left work to pick you up from school because you were not feeling well. I guarantee that will make her eyes light up brighter than any present would have.

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