Moving Out and Up in the World

I never thought going to business school for four years would ever present the opportunities it has until recently, when I was interviewed and hired here at less than a week after I finished the program. If anyone knows about our local community of Western New York, it is very difficult to find a career, especially one that you look forward to going to everyday. Since being placed as part of a very unique and diverse staff at our company, I have had the opportunity to leave the “nest” and venture out into the world on my own two feet.

Currently I am in the walking neighborhood of North Buffalo, which is called the “Hertel District,” full of small boutiques, trendy bars, exciting night life and a yearly Italian festival which blocks off the main intersection for a week—and I am right in the thick of it.

Metro Shelving UnitsBefore moving out I prepared my bachelor self and purchased five stainless steel wire shelving units, which look great and came in boxes ready to assemble. This is much different from when I helped my buddies move their bulky furniture that could barely fit up their hallways, and didn’t match the old Victorian style housing common to Buffalo. With my modern units, I can customize the shelves to single one-inch increments and build it exactly how I want it – no matter which stage in life I am in.

After constructing the enormous shelving, I added my newly acquired bar glassware. At first it was cluttered and I thought my roommate’s pit-bull, Pauly, would surely shake the shelving and break my martini and pint glass collection. So I decided to invest in these commercial bar mats and also stainless steel wire racks for my stemware.

For the most part, it is one of the best feelings of self-accomplishment being on your own, and making your own decisions regardless of other people’s criticism. For any of those who believe going to college is a waste of time, I can prove them wrong, and also I have found out that ladies like a man with a plan and not working at a hot dog stand.


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