My Drinking Now vs. My Drinking 5 Years Ago

Beer Fest Jockey Box
December will mark my five-year anniversary as a KegWorks employee, and subsequently my five-year anniversary a person who is utterly, undeniably obsessed with beer.

I’m in beer clubs, I’ve become much better acclimated with the ingredients and brewing process, I’ve upgraded my glassware, judged homebrew competitions, converted my family and friends into craft beer drinkers, toured breweries, distribution warehouses, and beer festivals, and planned entire vacations around drinking establishments.

I’m certainly not the drinker I was just a few short years ago and I thought I’d take this time to publicly reflect on how things have changed.

  Drinking Then Drinking Now
Age 23 years young An ancient 28
Primary Reason for Drinking Beer To enjoy its effects The taste of it
Idea of a Special Occasion Beer Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat or Stella Artois Westvleteren 12, Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, St. Bernardus Abt 12, etc.
Favorite Canned Beer Labatt Blue Light 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood
Drinking Establishment
Good/cheap specials, decent dart board, and a killer jukebox Adequate selection, knowledgeable servers/bartenders, clean glassware
Time to Place Drink Order Approximately 30 seconds Somewhere between 30 seconds – 30 minutes (depending on selection & my level of indecisiveness)
Favorite Drinking Game Beer Pong "Let’s Find a Bar that Serves a Beer I Haven’t Had Before"
Number of Beer Festivals Attended 0 I’d tell you but I’ve lost count
The Morning After a Night Out Always Brutal Sometimes Brutal

As you can see, some things have changed drastically – and others, not so much.

The good news is I’ve found a fantastic hobby that I’m passionate about, I’ve made a ton of wonderful friends, and I am a more educated consumer. Sure, I spend a little more, consume more calories, and I’m regularly introduced as some kind of beer encyclopedia sideshow – but I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s knowledge, and a lifestyle, I’m always glad to share.

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  • Daniel October 2, 2012 @ 9:38pm

    Liz, you nailed precisely how the last few years have been for me as well! I love the summary table. It pretty much boils the wort down to exactly what has happened to me, lol.

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