My Football Bet Paid Off

I’m not a betting woman, usually, but I did make a bet with a Twitter friend down in Maryland last season and happily won. My winnings arrived today in the form of beers I cannot get here and a number of delicious looking home brews that I am really looking forward to trying. Home Brew Beers and Football Winnings What goods came of winning? Let’s break it down:

  • Bell’s Batch 9,000 Ale
  • Sun King Wee Mac
  • Sun King Osiris
  • Sun King Sunlight
  • Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter (home brew)
  • Oreo Chocolate Vanilla Milk Stout (home brew)
  • Belgian Pale Ale (home brew)
  • Berliner Weisse (home brew)
  • English Mild (home brew)
  • Northern English Brown (home brew)
  • Flanders Red (home brew)

I sincerely thank Brian for losing our bet. Reviews coming in the near future! Cheers! [techtags:CRAFT BEER, HOME BREW]

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