Video: Natty Light Wins the Beer Space Race

Natty Light is First Beer in Space

The title of this blog post may be a bit misleading, considering I’m not sure there was an actual space race going on – but regardless, Natty Light was the first beer to make it into space.

It was feat planned and executed by two of Natty Light’s Facebook fans that wanted to do something epic for their beer of choice. The spacecraft, dubbed "The Aluminum Fullcan" was composed of a Styrofoam cooler carrying a full beer, a GPS tracking device, and an HD video camera pointed at another empty beer can. Launched via weather balloon, the Fullcan’s ascent took about 2 hours, rising to an altitude of more than 90,000 feet.

The cooler landed 60 miles from the launch site and took 2 hours to locate via GPS (due to the rural area of the landing that offered poor reception).

Watch highlights from the documented journey here:

Note: This actually happened back in 2011, with clearance and approval from the FAA – but we’re just hearing about it now and we couldn’t resist passing it on.

Do any of our customers/Facebook fans want launch the first craft beer into space?

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