Need a Creativity Boost? Grab a Beer!


Mondays. Am I right?

I mean, they just drag on and on, sapping your energy and taxing your mental resources almost to the point of breaking. You drink cup after cup of coffee, searching for that elusive jolt of creative inspiration that will help you churn out the mountain of work that sits between you and the next weekend. But coffee is no magic elixir. It’s not a silver bullet that’s guaranteed to get you right and ready to rock. Alas, does such a miracle beverage even exist?

You’re damn right it does. And it’s called beer.

That’s right. According to research conducted by Jennifer Wiley, a professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a person’s “creative peak” is reached at a blood alcohol level of about .075%. Based on this research, the creative agency CP+B Copenhagen and Danish brewers Rocket Brewing collaborated to produce The Problem Solver, a specialty IPA with an ABV of 7.1%. What makes this brew unique is the handy chart on back that tells you exactly how much to consume to nail down that mythical .075% BAC that will help put a hop in your mental step.

Currently, The Problem Solver is only available in Denmark, but it may eventually make its way over to our fair shores. In the meantime, if I were you (or me for that matter), I’d just reach for the nearest brew and have a few sips to get the creative juices flowing. Man, beer is the best.


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