NEW! 13-ounce Belgian Ale Glasses

13-ounce Belgian Ale GlassWhen I first started writing beer reviews on Belgian Strong Ales here, my pal Deron (of Top 5 posts fame) said, “Dude. You need to get a Belgian Ale glass. They’re not just for looks.”

He was right.

My posts that formerly featured brews in standard shaker pints gave way to better tasting experiences and photos, like the one here, of 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood.

That particular glass is an 8¼-ounce version. Its bulbous bottom and flared rim aerate the brew’s aroma and help to give the taster a better experience of flavor overall. I ain’t just whistling dixie here. This is the real deal.

Finally, we have a larger version of this very popular glass. Our 13-ounce Belgian Ale glass is here and I cannot wait to pick up a few. Sometimes 8¼ ounces of delicious ale just isn’t enough, you know?

Try one for yourself; you’ll be treated to all of the dimension and complexity that your Belgian ales had all along.


  • Jorge July 10, 2010 @ 12:53am

    It’s amazing how much a glass affects the taste of beer, huh?

  • Hannah July 10, 2010 @ 1:19am

    Jorge – It is! I never would’ve believed it until I had tried specific glasses myself.

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