2 New Bar Trends: Flask Service and Keg Service

Upon walking into KegWorks this morning, Dave tuned me into two possible new bar trends; flask service and keg service.

Flask Service
Dubbed by Dave as “the poor man’s bottle service,” flask service would provide Kegerator Serviceto your table 6 or so generous drinks of the liquor of your choice, along with carafes of select mixers and an array of garnishes. Guests enjoying flask service would have the decanter at their table, cutting down trips to the bar and creating a more relaxed, pleasant experience overall.

Keg Service
If beer is more your bag but a pitcher simply won’t cover your bases, keg service might be just the thing for you. Dave envisions keg service for parties of 8 or more; the server would roll the kegerator right out to the table and the guests would not only have crisp, fresh beer at their disposal but also enjoy the novelty of pouring their own pints from the tap… and less frequent trips to the bar, again, is always a plus.

Know of any bars or restaurants offering such services? Tell us about them!


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  • Teri April 21, 2015 @ 1:04pm

    Having lunch at The Jacobson in the Croasroads District in Kansas City. I was reading the bar menu (they have interesting drinks, not able to have one at lunch today). I noticed an F by several of them. At the bottom of the menu it explained the F was for Flask Service. I didn’t know what that meant so I Googled it and got this article. Interesting, I may have to come back for cocktails with colleagues and try Flask Service!

    Thanks for the explanation.

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