New Beer Cocktails Popping Up in 2011

We’ve been posting about various beer cocktails for some time now, and it seems the idea is beginning to catch on a bit more. Being such a complex beverage, beer can really be an amazing drink not only alone, but in the company of liquor as well. And we’re not just talking about your classic Irish Car Bomb, either. Here’s two newer beer cocktails to give a shot, next time you’re looking for something a little different. First, in a recipe from Stephen Beaumont, the Green Fairy meets her match. Green Devil ¼ oz absinthe 1 oz gin 12 oz Duvel Pour absinthe into a large wine glass and swirl it around to coat the inside of the glass. Pour out the excess absinthe. Add your gin and follow with the Duvel. Enjoy! Next, J.M. Hirsch updates the classic Snakebite with Cointreau, for a tropical touch. Florida Snakebite 6 oz IPA 6 oz hard cider 1 oz Cointreau Slowly pour the IPA into a highball glass, followed by the hard cider. Top with the shot of Cointreau and stir gently. Enjoy! Have any other new beer cocktails you’d like to share? Pass them along in the comments section. Cheers [techtags:BEER COCKTAIL, BEER COCKTAIL RECIPES, SNAKEBITE, BREEN DEVIL]

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