New "Crosby’s Tears" Beer Scores Big with Flyers Fans

The Pittsburgh Penguins and the Philadelphia Flyers have forever held one of professional hockey’s fiercest rivalries. It may be the simple fact that they share a state, which we’ve seen in other sports – like the Jets and Giants in football, and the Lakers and Clippers in basketball. But this one’s different, and as intense as it’s always been, this age-old rivalry was fueled enormously in this year’s playoffs when the two teams met in the first round to compete for advancement toward the Stanley Cup Finals.

When the Flyers entered game 4, hoping for a sweep, the Philadelphia Daily News released an article dissecting possible outcomes, and referring to Penguins star player Sidney Crosby as the “Cowardly Penguin.” Below is the picture that accompanied the article.

Sidney Crosby The Cowardly Penguin

Even though the Flyers lost game 4, they did go on to take the series and there was significant Crosby-bashing in the weeks following the win. While most of that has settled, there was a new Crosby jab last week, this time in liquid form.

The Nodding Head,” a popular brewery and restaurant in Philly, just released a new brew called “Crosby’s Tears.”

The Philly bar has the beer described on their Tap List as a Strong Ale (8.75% ABV)…whine-like in “honor” of its namesake…Orange and hued like the team that sent him home for the summer…the perfect complement to a playoff run.

Pretty harsh, right? Well, harsh if you’re a Penguins fan, and I can say personally as a Sabres fan that although I find it to be a bit rough, it is also quite comical. I guess it’s a new way for the City of Brotherly Love to nod their heads in celebration!

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