New Data About Craft Beer Demographics

Think it’s only guys like this that enjoy craft beer? Think again.

Craft beer is for everyone.

Does that seem like an obvious statement? Or do you have a vision in your mind of a “typical” craft beer drinker? You know what I’m talking about…male, bearded, “hip,” affluent.

Well, if you fall into that latter group, it’s time to rethink what you think you know about the craft beer world. According to recent research conducted by the Brewers Association (as presented in this article posted on, these notions of the “typical” craft beer drinker are pretty grossly inaccurate.

In fact, Dr. Bart Watson (the BA’s chief economist) presented three distinct findings that go a long way towards illuminating the life of a craft beer drinker in 2014. They are:

1. 75% of all drinkers now live within 10 miles of a craft brewery.

I suppose that says less about consumers and more about the burgeoning business that is craft beer. In an environment that is demanding more options, craft beer continues to enjoy steady growth. To think that such a large percentage of the population could ever be so directly served by a local craft brewer would have been a preposterous notion in the not-too-distant past. But the times, as they say, are a-changin’.

2. Women ages 21-34 make up a solid 15% of the craft beer marketplace.

This is huge. For too long people have labored under the misguided impression that craft beer is a dude’s domain. Well, no longer. Women are flexing their collective might and making it known that they appreciate a hoppy treat as much as the bearded masses.

3. The bottom 60% of houses in terms of income now consume 40% of the craft beer sold.

Although the economy has finally begun showing signs of (slow-moving) recovery, many people are still spooked by the specter of abject poverty that loomed as a large and all-too-possible state of affairs. Craft beer is an affordable luxury. Sure a craft six-pack is likely to be more expensive than an equivalent amount of a macro adjunct lager, but that craft six-pack is still a hell of a lot cheaper than going on vacation.

See? Everyone can enjoy a nice craft beer!

 Taken together, these three points certainly paint a broader picture of craft beer demographics and direct us towards a universal truth that brings us full circle on this blog post: Craft beer is for everyone. Now go crack a cold one and enjoy yourself!

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