A Monstrously Twisted Classic

We are getting dangerously close to All Hallow’s Eve, my friends. In fact, I already had my first taste of haunting mischief and far too much fun this past Friday, at a friend’s (here, in his Madd Hatter costume) 6th Annual Madd Tattoo Halloween Bash. Delicious fun, in every way – thanks for throwing yet another delightfully creepy party, Mark. Mark Madden of Madd TattooGlad I was able to attend this year!

Of course, the riotous fun continues in full swing this coming Friday – did I mention how I love when Halloween lands on a Friday? So nice to be able to play until the wee hours of the morning, without repercussion, and finally slink into one’s homestead once light begins to emerge in the east – vampire life, for sure.

Thus far this season, I’ve only posted candy-coated cocktail recipes for your Halloween holiday. If you’re anything like me, you can’t handle an entire night of mouth-puckering sweet concoctions. At some point, only a classic will do. Well, this isn’t quite a classic, but it certainly has the bones of one. I bring you, the Monster Mash.

Monster Mash
2½ oz brandy
1 oz carbonated water
4 mint sprigs
1 tsp superfine sugar or simple syrup
1 cherry
1 orange slice

Muddle the mint sprigs with sugar or simple syrup and carbonated water in a rocks glass. Fill with ice cubes and add brandy. Stir well. Garnish with an orange slice and a cherry.

Just a few classic ingredients, the Monster Mash is sure to please those of you who, like me, will most often imbibe in a Manhattan, muddled Old Fashioned or Maker’s, neat.

Cheers… and have a most fantastic Halloween!


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