New Natty Light Commercial Mocks Beer & Wine Snobs

Natural Light Ad Mocks Beer and Wine Snobs

I’m always hesitant to write about companies like Natural Light, because I know, no matter the content, that people will see "Natty Light" in the title and pipe in with some ridiculous comment that says something like: "Who cares about their marketing? Their beer tastes like watered down cat piss." They won’t even read my post. Watch. I’d bet some serious cash on this.

I understand if someone chooses not to drink the beer made by the big guys. That’s their right. This is America, and not only can you freely choose your religion, but you can freely and guiltlessly choose what you drink as well. If you prefer craft beer or wine, I salute you. If you prefer Bud, Miller, or Natty, I also salute you.

With that said, let’s get into this hilarious commercial Natty Light put up on YouTube Monday.

It starts out with a backyard party. The camera zooms slowly toward a man holding a glass of wine up to his nose. Three people stand in front of him as he talks about the "oaky notes" of the wine, and its "luscious mouthfeel."

All of a sudden, we hear the sound of a phone ringing, and it’s actually a can of Natural Light ringing in a cooler full of ice. The guy picks up the beer, cracks it, and puts it to his ear. The screen splits and we see "Brother Natural," a cool looking dude with a slicked back ‘do, an open plaid button down, and some sort of hippie rock necklace. He says "Mouthfeel?" and laughs mockingly.

Brother Natural teases the guy for talking like this and tells him, "Quit frontin’, James. You’re a beer dude. You like the taste of beer. You like that it tastes like…beer." James agrees, realizing how silly he’s been acting, and Brother Natural tells him to "go out there and act natural."

James admits he was frontin’ and then we see a close up of a Natural Light can with the tagline "Act Natural" appearing in Red. It’s pretty amusing. They know who they’re after, and they know who’s after them. They’re playing to it, and it’s great.

Regardless of your thoughts on Natty, this is good advertising. Sorry, snobs. I still got mad love for you. I just like to play both sides.


  • John March 20, 2013 @ 9:55am

    The commercial just reinforces the belief that ‘Natty’ and all the other mass produced swill is meant to just be “guzzled”, without any taste or flavor. These are the same people that would drink warm beer from a dirty ashtray.

  • John Monahan March 20, 2013 @ 11:57am

    Say whatever you want about the quality of the beer, but that’s some great marketing right there!

  • Jim March 20, 2013 @ 1:37pm

    So, if I drink Natural Light, and I can be all like, “what’s up. Bro? Put on some Shinedown. Fist bump, bro!” Yeah, that’s rad, bro.

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