NEW! Smashing Sodas From Across the Pond

Just when I thought our selection of soda pops couldn’t be more elusive, we’ve sourced four more from across the pond, just for you fine folk. Entertain your taste buds with these fine soft drinks:

Fanta Icy Lemon Soda
Touted as a “taste of Friday” right on the can, Fanta Icy Lemon Soda is imported from England and made with real fruit juice for an extra tantalizing tongue tingle, certain to keep you coming back for more.

Fanta Icy Lemon Soda

Irn Bru Scottish Soda / Sugar-Free Irn Bru
This UK staple combines 32 flavors, resulting in a soda that tastes very much like a cream ale with a touch of citrus. Scotland’s best selling soda, it beats out Pepsi and Coca Cola with ease.

Idris Fiery Ginger Beer
This English import is on the aggressive side of the ginger beers we’ve tasted so if you dig some peppery spice, we recommend a hearty swig. Try mixing it with beer for a fiery shandy!

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