New Wave Fitness Craze

Dance PolesThinking about having a stripper pole in the middle of your bedroom? Or how about a dancer pole mounted in your basement? Talk about a conversation piece.

Ok, I’m not talking about learning how to become a stripper (although you could make a lot of money). I’m talking about pole dancing, the newest craze in muscular fitness that is popping up in fitness centers across the world. Pole dancing is a form of dancing fitness that takes muscular endurance and coordination. Think about the strength it takes to hold you own body weight on a brass pole. This form of exercise increases upper body strength by using your body weight as resistance, while toning your entire body. To get an idea, find a pole in your house and try doing five chin-ups. I bet you can’t do three.

Get off the treadmill and stop with the Stairmaster. It’s boring. Check out KegWorks affordable brass or stainless steel dancer poles and get your body in shape today.


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