Have a ‘Man-Tastic’ Holiday Season

I know it’s still pre-Halloween but it’ll be that time before you know it. Slaving over the bird, dressing and gravy. Shopping in vain for the right gift for that special someone – and then having to wrap it. Those damn icicle lights.

Newcastle Brown AleIf there’s one thing thousands of men across the country share in common during the holidays, it’s overcoming these and other maddening, yet traditional, tasks. Don’t fret; with some help from your friends here at KegWorks and the folks at Newcastle Brown Ale, you’ll get through it. We’ve got all of the products and tools you need to host killer holiday parties and Newcastle has put together an awesome guy’s guide to entertaining in style. The genius guide, dubbed the “Man-ual” is slated to hit supermarkets nationwide in November.

Newcastle has printed 175,000 of the 16-page guides (free for the taking) and they’ll be available at checkout counters at grocery and beverage stores across the country.

Man-ualAlong with lifesaving tips for navigating the entertaining season, the Man-ual will also offer consumers delicious, easy-to-make holiday recipes on perforated recipe cards courtesy of cookbook author and TV cooking personality “Sam the Cooking Guy.” We were lucky enough to get a sneak peak and we can attest that it’s a fun read packed with tons of great info. And it’s free!

Newcastle partnered with tons of national brands for the give-away and they offer some great promotional discounts. The Man-ual boasts recipes including an Au Revoir Fondue made with Cabot Cheddar Cheese. For easy fireside entertaining with not-your-average Yule log, you can check out discounts on Java-Log®, the first and only eco-friendly fire log made from recycled coffee grounds.

Other highlights from the Man-ual include tips on toasting co-workers and how to avoid committing a fashion faux-pas at holiday parties (can you say reindeer sweaters?). So make sure your keg is full, stock up on some party essentials and grab the Man-ual for a stress-free and successful holiday season.


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