Free the Cubes

I hate it when I buy a 10 or 20-pound bag of ice cubes at the store to use for cocktails and before you know… Read More

Buffalo Brewfest 2007

Saturday, August 25, I helped man the KegWorks booth at Buffalo’s 6th Annual Brewfest. We made some contacts, handed out some Draft Magazines, tasted some… Read More

The Business of Booze

My name is Tom and I am the CEO here at KegWorks. When people find out that I work in a business related to alcohol… Read More

Moving Sucks!

KegWorks has been in existence for just over 9 years now, and we are now in the process of our third move. And, I can’t… Read More


Why do people drink martinis? Is it because they are trying to disguise their wish to slam 4 shots of gin or vodka by enjoying… Read More