No New Taxes on Alcohol!!!

Times are tight so the Federal Government and many state legislatures are proposing huge tax increases on all forms of alcoholic beverages, to pay for current and proposed spending programs.

These new taxes, if passed, will raise the price you pay at the bar, supermarket or liquor store when you buy your favorite adult beverages. These higher taxes can have a wider impact than just your wallet too, by costing people in the hospitality industry, in your community, their jobs.

Current alcohol taxes are already high. According to, in New York State half the cost of a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka is state and federal taxes, for an averages of $8.36 in taxes. This site is a great resource to find out how much you pay in alcohol taxes in your local area and what new alcohol taxes are being proposed in your state.

If you are more than just interested in learning what you pay in taxes for the alcohol you drink and want to take action, allows you to send e-mail to your state and federal legislatures, voicing your opposition to higher alcohol taxes with a few mouse clicks and filling out a simple form.


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