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“Home brewing is the lifeblood of craft beer.” Ethan Cox, the President of Community Beer Works here in Buffalo told me that while discussing the expansion of our homebrew product offering early last year. That statement really stuck with me. I mean, think about it: all of the craft brewers out there right now likely made their start as homebrewers. Guys and gals who started out as hobbyists, fell in love, and decided to turn their hobby into a career.

With that said, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. In order to open and run a successful craft brewery, you not only need the know-how, but you need time and money. You’d likely have to quit your job. And before you do all that, how do you even know that the beer you’re making is actually good? You need feedback from someone other than your mother. You need it from people who know beer, but don’t know you. People who won’t be afraid to hurt your feelings with constructive feedback.

That’s where Noble Brewer comes in. Dedicated to celebrating the pioneers of the craft beer movement, Claude Burns, the CEO and Founder of Noble Brewer describes the company as an  “online marketplace that connects craft beer lovers with top homebrewers.”

Noble Brewer Bottles and tasting Notebooks

Those homebrewers submit recipes to Noble Brewer, and the company pairs the recipe creators with a professional brewery to make their beer. Once the beer is made, it’s sent to Noble Brewer Community Members who taste the beer and provide feedback with comment cards provided by Noble. The homebrewers also make a couple hundred dollars for licensing their recipes, but they still retain all rights to them.

For more on how it all works, check out the video below:

As of right now, Noble Brewer seeks out and selects the homebrewers, but according to a recent article in Fortune, they hope to eventually create an online forum for brewers and homebrew fans alike to submit and choose which beer is sent to production. Who knows? Your next homebrew could be Noble Brewer’s next batch, which could then be the next big craft beer across the country!

If you’re interested in trying some of the beers they’ve already produced, go to their Best Beer Club page and check out subscription options. If you’re more than just a fan, and you’d like to have your beer produced by Noble Brewer, we can help with everything you need to get started on your next batch today!

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