Move Over, Dexter. We’ve Got a Killer New Product!

Now more than ever it’s easier to clear all those extra people out of the kitchen while you’re trying to cook. Looking like something stolen straight from an evidence locker, KegWorks has a new product that is sure to make for some interesting – and disturbing – kitchen conversation.

It slices! It dices! It tears through meat like a madman and makes short work of tomatoes – without the bloody mess. With 8 inches of hardened stainless steel in your hand, it’s hard not to show off your mad cooking skills… or ward-off noshers.

We proudly present to you, Exhibit A:

Crime Scene Evidence Knife

Each of these shocking Crime Scene Evidence Knife is printed with fired-on, food safe fake blood splatter and comes in its own gift box, complete with evidence tag.

See the Crime Scene Evidence Knife page for more details.

(latex gloves not included)



  • Tom C June 10, 2009 @ 1:07pm

    Will be great for Halloween or April Fools Day

  • Ed June 10, 2009 @ 2:39pm

    @TomC: Oh yeah, definitely! I can easily imagine a scene where someone’s in the kitchen prepping dinner, talking to someone else (who isn’t paying attention), then after a momentary distraction, BAM! A fake severed finger tip appears on the counter. Hilarity ensues.

    Not to be too much of a buzz kill, but I wouldn’t recommend leaving the house to go walking the streets with said knife in hand… even more so if you intend on wearing a hockey mask — especially on Halloween. After all, this is a real, functional knife and we should probably just let people continue believing there is no such thing as the Bogeyman.


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