Now On Sale: Vino2Go & Brew2Go Tumblers

It’s that time of year. Holiday commercials have hit the airwaves, the displays have hit storefronts, and the graphics have hit home pages. With this initial holiday punch comes the stress of gift shopping. I’ve already sent a list to my friends and family asking for ideas. I plan to have my shopping done by December 1st, and I’m hoping not to set foot in a single store. I want to enjoy the holiday season without the added stress of shopping. And I’d like to do the same for you – plant a seed, and tell you about some great deals we have going on at the moment.

So, without further ado, I give you the Vino2Go and Brew2Go sale. If you’re not familiar with these products, let me introduce you. They’re basically adult sippy cups, meant to keep your beer and wine safe (and stylish) while on the move.

Vino2Go Wine Sippy Cup Wine Tumbler - Merlot Red Lid

The Vino2Go is perfect for any of your wine-loving friends and family members. Made of break-resistant plastic with double-walled insulation, the tumbler keeps 10 ounces of wine completely safe and condensation-free for hours.

Available in 10 different colors, we’re now offering all Vino2Gos for $4.00 off the list price with free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. for the next two weeks.

Now, what about the beer lovers? That’s where the Brew2Go comes in.

Brew2Go Beer Tumbler - Gold Lid

The Brew2Go works just like the Vino. Made of the same acrylic plastic, with double-walled insulation and a snap-on lid, the Brew2Go keeps 16 ounces of your favorite beer colder longer, without the condensation, for hours of enjoyment (although it probably won’t take you that long to finish a beer).

The same deal goes for the Brew2Go. We’re offering the item in all five colors for $4.00 off of the list price with free shipping anywhere in the Continental U.S. for the next two weeks.

I’ve already picked up a few for my friends and family, so I thought I’d let you guys know. And even if the tumblers don’t appeal to you or the people on your list, I’d still encourage you to start your shopping now, as it will most definitely make your holiday season more enjoyable.


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