Obama Enjoys Beer – So What?

My own experiences have taught me that if one wants to have a good time while socializing, they ought to refrain from serious discussions that are political in nature. That being said, I will refrain from discussing the underlying issues here and focus on the more relevant issue, beer.

My daily RSS feeds that bring me the latest in beer news have recently presented a series of articles regarding US President Barack Obama and our beloved alcoholic beverage. Many Americans are publicly criticizing the Commander in Chief for enjoying a cold beer as he sat courtside at an NBA basketball Obama Enjoying a Tasty Beer at a Basketball Gamegame last week. While I realize that public criticism is to be expected for any elected official, I can’t see how Obama enjoying a beer is newsworthy, let alone controversial.

Personally, I think that if people want to get all hot and bothered about something, they should dedicate their energy to an issue that actually matters. Whether you love our nation’s leader or hate him, you have to acknowledge that this guy probably has the most demanding job in the world right now. In my opinion, letting the man have two hours to enjoy some hoops and a cold one is the least we can do to help him maintain some kind of sanity.

One radio talk show discussed the issue and one angered caller made the remark, “People are losing 5, 10, 20 thousand dollars a day in the stock market, and he’s sitting there drinking a beer!” This same woman also said, “It’s insulting… there’s a lot of people suffering” implying that President Obama should not publicly have fun during a time of so much pain.

Another woman upset about the courtside presidential beer said, “The president is the president 24 hours a day. I don’t think he should drink on the job.” Personally, I don’t see how one pint of beer is impairing his ability to do his job. If he’d become belligerently intoxicated I might understand. The man had a beer. Relax.

After a little bit of research I learned that just a few months into his presidency, Obama has already held a few cocktail parties at the White House. In fact, he recently invited congressional leaders of both parties for drinks in his relentless push for an adequate stimulus plan. It’s my belief that as a community organizer, Obama knows the power of finding common ground and encouraging everyone to recognize themselves in one another. What better way to do that than over a few drinks?

Check out this article titled “Obama Raises the Bar” for an interesting look into the drinking habits of our past and current presidents. If you ask me, the article’s sub-headline, “In politics, as in life, a little alcohol can go a long way” says it all. What do you think?



  • Hannah March 4, 2009 @ 4:18pm

    Right on, sister. I think all the people out there who have an issue with our President enjoying a drink or two could probably use a few themselves.

  • CINdy April 7, 2009 @ 12:25pm

    Yeah, So What! I live from chk to chk and I still find a way to enjoy a 6 pk here and there.

  • Hannah April 8, 2009 @ 7:59am

    Hell yah! It’s all we can do 🙂

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