KegWorks Goes to The Ukrainian Center: A Beer Review

Liz and Hannah
I call Moose-ears!

It was raining outside to the point of flooding, and I had the hair-do to prove it. The wall was reminiscent of a Cosby sweater and the beer was flowing. KegWorks’ night at the Ukrainian-American Civic Center was all that and a bag of chips.

Obolon Beers

Although many American beers were available, we all decided to enjoy Obolon, from the Ukraine – it seemed only fitting. Every style was consumed, repeatedly. This is KegWorks we’re talking about, after all, and we do enjoy good brews. Of the styles we tried, I especially enjoyed the Obolon Oksamytove, quoted on the bottle as “Obolon Deep Velvet Beer.”

Obolon Oksamytove

Deep russet with two fingers of off-white head and no visibility through the brew.

Sweet and biscuity, like lightly over-baked bread, with a touch of dark fruit.

Dark, slightly sour cherry flavor really comes through on front and side of tongue through the first part of the sip. Flavor is heavier on malt than hops, offering up a smooth, biscuity finish on the back of the tongue.

Medium body with light carbonation, keeping the brew smooth overall.

This 5.3% Euro Dark Lager reminded me a little of a Belgian dubbel, though not as complex, with far lower ABV. I wouldn’t go out of my way to find this beer, but if I’m at the Ukrainian-American Civic Center, I’d have it again.


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