Of Kegs and Kickball

Kickball Keg Party

Kickball probably conjures up images of grade school gym class or, if you were lucky, a grassy park and a pile of your closest friends, back when you were about seven. Fast forward twenty-two years; the idea of kickball most likely has not crossed your mind since then. That is unless, of course, you play in a kickball league.

I do and I love it.

My cousin brought us all together as Team Wolf (a clever pun on the Michael J Fox movie, back from about the time we first played kickball as kids) with the idea of knocking our friends’ team, Talking Proud, off of their three-year winning streak. Our first season this summer started out pretty rough; we made it to the playoffs, but only by the skin of our teeth. And we definitely got our butts handed to us by our buddies’ team. I mean, killed.

Monday night was the third game of our second season this summer, against none other than Talking Proud. Since we would be facing off against a team full of pals, my cousin decided to bring a keg of Labatt Blue for all of us to share. We always bring beer and whiskey, but this occasion called for a LOT of beer. Packed in the insulated keg bag and tapped with the Bronco beer pump I gave him for his birthday, our keg of lawnmower beer stayed cold and crisp for the entire game and beyond. Even after we kicked the keg, all of the ice in the keg bag was still in solid cube-form, despite the 90-degree heat. Plus, the cup holder on the keg bag kept our plastic cups clean and the kickball field tidy.

The best part of the night? We won! We actually beat Talking Proud and, just as we do every other Monday after the games, both of our teams headed to our favorite watering hole to celebrate. We look forward to meeting them on the field again too, in the playoffs.




  • M September 1, 2010 @ 9:45am

    Did she mention that Team Wolf beat Talking Proud??


  • Hannah September 1, 2010 @ 10:05am

    Sure did! WOOOOOOO!

  • Andy September 1, 2010 @ 2:43pm

    WIN, yo!

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