Oh my Guinness! St. Patrick’s Day is almost here!

When we originally posted our St. Patrick’s Day Countdown banner, the big day still seemed very far away. As it gets closer, I am becoming increasingly more excited. Last year my friends and I braved a huge nor’easter that slammed the East coast to travel from Buffalo, New York to Boston, Massachusetts for some serious St. Pat’s celebrating. Guinness Partial Conversion KitThis year, I’m staying home. I have plans to attend the legendary Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the first time, which is awesome and I know that it will be an incredible time (and quite a bit cheaper). I’m thinking that I’ll grab some flashy beads, sweet St. Patrick’s Day hats and one of our sweet new Guinness hoodies for the parade and then have an after-party at my place.

There is one beer that is obviously essential to any proper St. Patrick’s Day festivities and the good news is that it’s easy to serve Guinness at home. Cans and bottles of everyone’s favorite Irish stout can be pricey, especially when you’re having a party. Save your money for shots of Jameson at the pub and serve Guinness Draught on tap this St. Patty’s Day and all year round. With one of our Partial Guinness Conversion Kits it’s simple to convert your existing draft system into a Guinness dispensing machine. Yum! The conversion kit comes with the European specialty faucet that you’ll need for that famous Guinness pour, the Guinness keg coupler and a CO2 regulator to nitrogen air tank adapter.

So if you’re like me and you’re looking for ways to make St. Patrick proud, do something legendary this March 17th and get Guinness on tap. The luck of the Irish is always good, but their beer is even better.



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