Ohioans in Need of Some Beer Love

Ohio legislators’ last minute decision to keep from passing a law that allows beer up to 18% ABV to be sold in the state leaves craft brew lovers frustrated and wondering why the committee would want to eliminate the extra state tax dollars they could be raising. [daytondailynews.com]

Not only are connoisseurs distraught about missing out on some of our nation’s most noble beers, but money for high-test brews will simply head to other states. In the opinion of pub and store owners alike, the decision is simply a lose/lose situation. As stated by owner of Belmont Party Supply, Mike Schwartz, said, "That money is just going to go to other states. I don’t understand it. I’m selling a 151-proof rum that contains more than 75 percent alcohol, so who are they trying to protect by limiting beer?" As it stands, Ohio is stuck buying beers up to only 12% alcohol by volume.

BrewDog Tokyo

It seems high octane craft beers still have quite a battle ahead in trying to distinguish themselves from the definition of "beer" as laid out by the low ABV macro brews. Despite offering the consumer at least as many, or more, aromatic compounds and flavors as good wine or liquor, high ABV craft beers continue to be looked upon as a beverage that needs regulation. In my opinion, this is simply because the mass-produced recipes before them have always hovered around the 5.5% ABV mark, making them an easy choice for young or binge drinkers.

Just as beer has changed with the craft beer revolution, so should our viewpoint of it.


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