Oktoberfest 2010: Noteworthy Stats

Munich festival-goers, you’ve really outdone yourselves this year.

If you had the pleasure of hitting up Oktoberfest in Munich this year, you and the other 6.4 million in attendence helped break the beer consumption record – this year, those at Oktoberfest in Munich drank an incredible 7 million liters of beer, breaking the record of beer consumed at the event over any other year. [openpr.com]

Other noteworthy Oktoberfest 2010 stats for your bag of tricks:

  • 770 ID cards lost
  • 420 wallets lost
  • 366 keys lost
  • 37 children lost (up from 18 in 2009)

Most bizarre things lost at Oktoberfest this year:

  • Leather whip (damn!)
  • Set of dentures (ew!)
  • A live rabbit (huh?)
  • A tuba (how on EARTH does someone lose a tuba?)

Have any other read-worthy Oktoberfest stats for 2010? Tell us in the comments section below.



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