Oktoberfest Continued….

I finally got motivated, moved an old refrigerator that was left behind in my attic when I bought my house down to my basement, and turned it into a kegerator. Moving an old fridge down 4 narrow flights of stairs is not fun. I recommend you get your biggest friend and prepare to pay him in a lot of free beer. More to come on my kegerator set up; I’ll save that for a later post. So, I got the fridge set up, my CO2 tank filled, invited some friends and headed off to my local brewery to get a fresh keg of beer.

Flying Bison BreweryThe great Flying Bison brewery only 10 minutes from my house, so I bought a fresh half keg of Baron Von Bisonfest. The Baron is Flying Bison’s Oktoberfest Marzen and is only available in September and October. The beer has a beautiful golden orange color with a foamy rich white head that left white lacing down the side of my glass as the pint went down. The aroma was fresh and malty with a hint of hops. Going down, the beer had a sweet malt taste with a hint of roasted nuts. It finishes slightly dry with some the freshest German hops I have ever tasted that cut the sweetness of the malt leaving you ready for the next sip. Overall the beer was great and you could tell how fresh the beer was. It must have been good beer because my guests and I finished off the whole keg by midnight. Good thing I set a growler aside for myself in the fridge!


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