Oktoberfest is Coming… in September

This year the Oktoberfest celebration taking place in Munich Germany (the home of Oktoberfest) runs from September 20th to Oktober 5th. Once again I won’t be making the festival, but Flying Bison BreweryI will be enjoying a few liters of this year’s batch of Flying Bison’s Baron Von Bisonfest under a tent in my backyard. As I recall from last year, The Baron is a rich amber brew that has a great, sweet, slightly nutty malt character. Hops are there, but this Marzen style lager is all about the toasted malt, making a it a great beer to drink, glass after glass, of with good friends. I can’t wait to try it again this year. [techtags:OKTOBERFEST, FLYING BISON, BARON VON BISONFEST, BEER REVIEWS]

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