Ommegang Three Philosophers

Out of a little brewery in Cooperstown, New York comes some of the best Belgian style beers I have ever had. The name of the brewery is Ommegang and if you live in New York State, you can order from their online store. If you live outside of New York State and you have a craft brew beer store nearby, they should have it. If not, ask them to get it. It is part of the Duvel family of ales.

All of Ommegang’s beers are great, but for some reason the Three Philosophers strikes the right cord with me. It is a dark ale that is excellent for sipping with dinner. It has a delightful flavor mix of caramel and dark cherries. How do they achieve this? They blend rich, malty Belgian style ale with Lindemands Kriek, a classic cherry Lambic from Belgium. I prefer to serve mine with a slight chill, almost at cellaring temperature (55 – 60ºF).

Three Philosophers

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