An Exercise in Patience; a.k.a. Helicopter Bottle Opening

I have seen some bizarre things on Japanese TV, as I’m sure many of us who frequent Spike TV have. Most of the time, while watching, I wonder, “Why?” The same question rings true for this video. Ever tried opening a bottle of beer with a helicopter? Ever even entertained the idea of opening a bottle of beer with a helicopter? No? Neither have I, but apparently these people have. Enjoy 🙂

Know of any other nontraditional bottle openers? Pass them along! [techtags:HELICOPTER BOTTLE OPENER, BEER HELICOPTER OPENER, HELICOPTER OPENER VIDEO, BEER BOTTLE OPENING VIDEO]

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  • Liz March 9, 2009 @ 9:00am

    While I can’t see an immediate use for this particular skill, I must give these guys props – my hand eye coordination isn’t even close to being that good!

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