Organize Your Bar for Speed and Efficiency

3-tap beer tower is efficient and sleekEven in tougher economic times, it may behoove bar owners to pick up efficiency-inducing items. Overall business may not be steadily growing but the regular business your bar does see will probably shell out a bit more if served more quickly and efficiently than at another establishment.

Save Time Pouring Draft Beer
Bars set up their draft beer systems in a number of ways, as you may have noticed. In regard to expediency, I am speaking only to faucet placement. Many bars I’ve been to have their taps running from one end of the bar to the other, forcing bartenders to run up and down, wasting time and forcing paying customers to wait.

That’s where 3- and 4-tap towers come in. Instead of having 7 beer faucets spanning across the entire bar, this particular establishment (one of my favs, by the way) utilizes both a 3-tap tower and a 4-tap tower, right next to each other. This keeps all of the draft together in a spot that’s easy to access, cuts pouring and running time, and it looks sleek too!

Save Time Mixing Well Drinks
Draft beer isn’t the only area of your bar that can be made more efficient – your well liquor can be better organized too. Notice the speed racks running along the entire length of the bar, in the picture below. Keeping your most-used liquors directly in front of the bartender saves more time mixing drinks than you can imagine, leaving him with time to make even more money, serving even more customers.

Liquor Bottle Speed Racks

Pop back again for more organizational tips to increase the expediency of your bartenders through speed and efficiency. Cheers!


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