Oskar Blues Takes Sustainability Even Further

One of our favorite things about Oskar Blues Brewery, besides its incredible selection of delectable beers, is the fact that they can their brews in an effort to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Now, they’re taking these efforts to a new level with the Hops and Heifers Farm.

Oskar Blues Hops and Heifers Farm is the third part of a sustainable system integrating their tap room restaurant, brewery and farm in a synergistic relationship. Spent grain from the brewery is added as supplemental protein for the cattle and waste water is to be used to help irrigate fields. Even peanut shells from the tap room are used as compost for soil!

At the farm, they’re growing 8 varieties of hops (Centennial, Columbus, Nugget, Chinook, Willamette, Mt. Hood, Cascade and Sterling), black angus beef, fruit and vegetables. The hops have a 2-acre space on the 50-acre farm, so while there isn’t enough for brewing all of OB’s beers, they’re being used in specialty brews for now.

I’m thrilled to hear of more sustainability efforts underway each and every day. Cheers to Oskar Blues – pick up a 6-pack and do your part to support sustainable agriculture today!


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