Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

I decided to make Ten Fidy the first to taste, of my four beers from USA Beer Trends. I love dark, thick brews, so I was very much looking forward to trying this Russian Imperial Stout.

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy

As I’m pouring, I’m thinking, “so far, so good.” It looks thick as hell and dark as night, like motor oil, straight from the can. Impenetrable. The 2 finger head was a caramel color that made it all look oh-so-inviting, despite the fact that it dissipated some quickly.

When I took my first whiff, I was blown away by the smell of alcohol. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so noticeable at 9.5% ABV. This much alcohol I expect from the 13% Bourbon County Stout, but I didn’t quite expect it here… not that that’s a bad thing, just unexpected. Behind the alcohol aroma, I found hints of bitter chocolate and a bit of malty sweetness, somehow sneaking through.

Oskar Blues Ten Fidy which, according to the website is actually 10.5% ABV (my can of Ten Fidy said 9.5%), tastes very much like dark, bitter chocolate and coffee with sweet molasses and a very noticeable alcohol flavor. After taking in the nose, I expected this and it certainly delivered. The only area that I felt it was lacking was in the mouthfeel, quite honestly. From its pour and aroma, I really thought it would be a heavier brew. I mean, I’m a HUGE fan of Oskar Blues Old Chub, their Scottish ale, and if I remember correctly, the Old Chub has about as much body as this Russian Imperial Stout.

Overall, I found this stout dark and complex, just how I like them; I only wish there had been a bit more body. Would I drink it again though? Yes. Yes I would.

Thanks again to Larry at USA Beer Trends for passing it along!

*****Post Update 3/11/10*****

After enjoying 11 stouts at the Good Beer Club meeting yesterday, Ten Fidy being one of them, my opinion on its body has slightly changed. I’m not sure if I had a funky pour for this review or what, but the Ten Fidy was definitely one of the heavier bodied stouts I tasted at the club meeting. That being said, I simply had to update this post.



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