Over 6,000 Beer Cans on Display in California

Beer Can Collection

David Goett, from Livermore, California is a hardcore collector, who began this particular collection of over 6,000 beer cans as a junior at the University of Connecticut.

The collection, seen above, is now on permanent display at the First Street Alehouse in Livermore. There are cans from over 96 countries, which he has acquired from travelling and trading with other enthusiasts.

Beer cans aren’t the only things he collects, either. He started collecting baseball cards when he was 8, and now owns every single Topps baseball card made since 1951.

Goett is a member of the Brewery Collectibles Club of America (BCCA), where over 3,500 members meet annually at the BCCA CANvention to share their love of this unusual hobby. Jeff Lebo, another member of the BCCA, owns about 60,000 cans, beating David by a long shot, though Goett has the largest collection on display in North America.

Apparently there are some cans out there worth thousands of dollars. The 1930’s Liebmann’s Beer can seen below is currently listed for $7,000.

Liebmanns Beer
Picture courtesy of the New York Times

I’m all for collecting, especially when it comes to beer, but I think I’d rather have those cans filled with something I could enjoy. I just can’t imagine spending over $15 for a can without any beer in it. I guess if you’ve got the coin, and you’re willing to put it down, it’s a rad design idea for a bar or man cave.

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