Ozzie Smith & Budweiser Start Petition to Recognize Opening Day as a National Holiday

Budweiser opening day national holiday petition

Baseball and beer – two of America’s greatest, most revered pastimes. I’m not even a baseball fan really, but when I picture myself on a brisk, spring evening, sitting in the stands with a cold beer and a bag of peanuts, I’m pretty much transferred to a state of utter nirvana.

That’s why I fully support this move by Budweiser and Hall of Famer, Ozzie Smith, to have the MLB’s opening day recognized as a national holiday. Check out the video below.

If you’re interested in signing the petition, head on over to the Budweiser website. They’re shooting for 100,000 signatures, and as I write this, they’re just under 20,000, but the campaign launched only a couple of days ago.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Let me just provide a counterpoint to the negative comments I know this post will receive. I anticipate something along the lines of, “If Budweiser put as much time into the quality of their beer as they do into their advertising, then I might consider drinking it.”

I’ll address this hypothetical point now, even though I doubt those who make the comment will even get this far – they’ll simply see “Budweiser” in the title and make this snobbish statement thinking they’re the slickest, most original guy on the block (they’re not, of course).

Anyhow, my answer is this: No, you still wouldn’t drink their beer, because it would still be called “Budweiser,” and you’d still hate it. And that’s okay. You’re allowed to hate it (and/or not drink it). However, millions of people do drink it, love it, and to those people, the name “Budweiser” has an equally positive connotation. Also, they’re sort of America’s unofficial beer, and baseball is America’s sport. So the brand alignment is just killer.

As a marketer, I applaud Budweiser for this move. Nice work.

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