Palcohol: The Latest Boozy Gimmick Product

Palcohol Powdered Alcohol

I’m sure most, if not all of you have heard about “Palcohol ” by now. If by some chance you haven’t, I’m sure you can figure it out. It’s powdered alcohol. Yup. Check your calendars – April Fool’s was more than three weeks ago. This is real life.

The concept is fairly simple. Palcohol will be sold in small packets, each with a different flavor. Mix it with your desired amount of water and poof – you have yourself a liquid cocktail. To start, the company plans to offer margarita, mojito, and cosmopolitan flavored powders.

Up until very recently, the Palcohol plans seemed plausible if not entirely probable. They received label approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) last week. But that was quickly revoked. Why? According to the TTB, the approval was an error, but who knows? I’d bet all the press and public outreach had something to do with it.

Mark Phillips, Palcohol’s proud president and founder says, “This doesn’t mean Palcohol isn’t approved. It just means that these labels aren’t approved.”

Proposed Palcohol Label

This is the proposed Palcohol label – click to enlarge

I have lots of thoughts on Palcohol, but I’ll only share two that keep coming to mind – one positive and one negative.

Initially, right off the bat, I thought, Great. Another gimmick that’s gonna grab headlines, stir controversy, and possibly kill people. Can you imagine what kids would do with it? At first the company admitted that snorting Palcohol would get you messed up quick, but has since changed the makeup of the product adding more volume “so it would take more than half of a cup of powder to get the equivalent of one drink up your nose.” Well, phew. That’s a real relief, because kids will surely read the fine print to educate themselves about this.

On the positive side of things: for responsible, consenting adults who enjoy the outdoors – hiking, camping, biking, etc. – this could be clutch. I love hiking and camping, and getting booze to camp is always tricky with the issue of carrying extra weight. With Palcohol, I could bring my water purifier, a few packs of powder, and in a matter of minutes I’m enjoying a beverage fireside.

As always with something like this, there are plenty of opinions. I’m interested in yours. Hit us up in the comments or on Facebook.

P.S. For more info on Palcohol, check out their homepage where they’ve listed 14 frequently asked questions with all of their answers.

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