PB&J Vodka – Good Swill or Overkill?

Yup, Peanut Butter and Jelly Vodka. This is not a joke. Just when you thought vodka companies had exhausted their flavor ideas, right?

Van Gogh PB and J Vodka

It’s kind of like when the first energy drink came out. Who would have thought people would pay $3 for 8 oz of sugary liquid infused with "vitamins?" Maybe it’s just me but can’t you pay 25¢ for a package of Smarties, hit it with a hammer a few times and mix with water for the same taste and effect? Regardless, energy drinks caught on and all of a sudden there are 50 different brands, each with 100 different flavors. What the heck happened to a good ole’ cup of Joe for quick pick-me-up? People these days will do anything to manipulate an everyday classic. Case in point; Peanut Butter and Jelly Vodka.

I was first introduced to the flavored vodka trend while visiting family in North Carolina one summer not too long ago. My cousin, who serves drinks for a living, had us over to her place one night before we went out. She asked me what I wanted to drink, and because I know she always has a trick up her sleeve, I asked her what she recommended. "How about an Orange Creamsicle?" she replied.

You can probably imagine the bewilderment that crept to my face as I responded, "Why would I want a popsicle? I thought you asked me what I wanted to drink?" Apparently I was behind on the cutting edge vodka trends and my cousin explained to me that an Orange Creamsicle was a cocktail made with Whipped Cream Vodka and orange juice. I’ll admit it now – it tasted freaking delicious, but I was still left with the "really?" reflex (you know, when you hear something that provokes nothing more than "…really?" in response), so I refused to admit how much I enjoyed it.

Fast-forward to today. Pinnacle Vodka now offers 29 different flavors including cake, cotton candy, and cookie dough – three flavors that I never imagined would be hybridized with alcohol. Three Olives Vodka also offers a few outlandish flavors like "Loopy" vodka, which, you guessed it – tastes like Froot Loops, and "Dude" vodka, which is flavored like Mountain Dew. (Duuude. Mountain Dew flavored Vodka? I know…gnarly!) And now we have Van Gogh’s "PB&J." When I read about this one, the "really?" reflex hit me so hard that my coworkers were actually alarmed by my jolted bodily response.

Remember when the general public was concerned about the consumption of alcohol by minors? You don’t? Yeah, I don’t really either. It seems those days are long gone. I heard the next big flavor is going to be "lunchables deluxe" vodka, best enjoyed with candy cigarettes. Oh, wait, they already have those! Maybe they should try putting little games like the ones on the backs of cereal boxes on to bottle labels. Or would that be overkill?

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  • Ed April 25, 2012 @ 12:39pm

    I’ll admit that a swig of the Mountain Dew vodka might be slightly interesting… at least it’s not a food flavor. (((SHUDDER)))

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