PBR: Classy Edition

Grabbing a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon in the US will set you back anywhere from 30 cents if you get yourself the warm drug store pack, or $2 dollars at the local concert dive bar (yes, if you’re in Buffalo – I’m talking about The Mohawk). $2.00 may seem steep to today’s unemployed hipster, but just be thankful you’re not in China, where it could cost you upwards of $30-$40 to enjoy a Blue Ribbon.

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844

Of course, this isn’t your average can of PBR, this is actually a specialty batch classified as a "World Famous Spirit" called Blue Ribbon 1844 (the year PBR was founded). It’s an all-malt reddish brown strong ale dry hopped with cascade and aged in new uncharred American whiskey barrels. It also comes in a pretty cool bottle.

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1884

Unfortunately this will only be sold in China, not that I’d be in any hurry to spend that much on a Pabst, but I definitely wouldn’t mind trying one – so if anyone in China wants to send me a bottle, feel free!

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